Saturday, May 31, 2014

What is the difference between normal and high retention YouTube views.

Have you ever needed to buy YouTube views? Then you should probably have come through these two words; normal YouTube views and high retention YouTube views.

Let's start with normal YouTube views. Imagine that you were searching for a certain video in YouTube and come up with so many videos in search results. You don't know which one is the best video to watch. So you open them one by one, watch one for a few seconds, then close it. Again open another video and close after watching several seconds. Actually you don't even watch a half of the video length here.

Instead you watch the video for a few seconds and close it down. Those views are called normal views. 
These help to increase your YouTube video views count, but actually don't help you in ranking your YouTube video.

Now lets see what are high retention YouTube views. Really what is this? High Retention views are gained by watching the whole video for about 75-100% of their actual running time. You got it? Let's say that a particular video is 10 minutes long. You feel very interested about the video and spend about 9 minutes watching the video. So, that's counted as a high retention view.

When you buy YouTube views, you must buy high retention views. Buying high retention views help to rank your video faster and with considerably low amounts than normal views. 

Buying 10 000 high retention views are better and effective than buying 50 000 normal YouTube views.

You can buy high retention views from most of the websites that sell YouTube views. We would recommend because it's reliable and safer than anywhere else. 

Is buying YouTube Views safe?

Today we thought of talking about a nice and a very important topic which many people ask us. Is buying YouTube likes safe...?  Actually there could be two answers. Yes and No.. It's simple as that.

But how can there be two answers for the same question  Basically it's because it depends on the source you buy YouTube views

There are so many YouTube views selling websites where some are fake and some are really really good. You must always buy youtube views from good and reliable websites.

YouTube is very strict against spammy things and they hate it. If you buy youtube views, you must make sure you get legit views, not the spammy ones. 

What are spammy youtube views? First see the following ordinary procedure that happens when you buy YouTube views from a normal site (i mean not reliable)

When you go to a social media selling website to buy YouTube likes, what happens is as follows.
  1. You place the order for buying YouTube views.
  2. Website people get your YouTube video link.
  3. They put that link to a software which run on some kind of scripts.
  4. The software will open your YouTube video in regular or irregular time intervals, in so many different IP addresses using proxy servers.
  5. Your YouTube video will be kept playing for a few seconds and will be closed down.
  6. You get views for your YouTube video.

But isn't this different from what we really call as viewing a youtube video? Yes, it is pretty different. 

The idea for a ture youtube video view, is to show that somebody has viewed that particular youtube video for some time and has been benefited through that. But here what happens, is a software tool automatically plays the YouTube video but no body watches it. But it is counted as a view. That's the difference here.

Simply it's what YouTube people say as spamming. And that's illegal again YouTube's TOS.

Don't you feel little bit unsafe now even when thinking to buy youtube views?

This is the way so many YouTube views selling websites on internet produce YouTube views. So, buying such kind of YouTube views is very very risky and you would probably end with a banned video and some lost money you spent to buy YouTube likes.

Is there a solution for this? Yes there is. That is going for a reliable source. (we recommend

So how do those reliable sources produce views? Actually it's not PRODUCING, but it's gaining. It's the actual watching of a YouTube video.

First you place the order to buy YouTube views.
Website people get your YouTube video link and start working for that.
They put your YouTube video link with catchy and attractive titles on popular facebook pages, groups, blogs and other social media sites with so many fans.
People see the nice title and tend to watch your video.
Your video gets real and safe YouTube views.
You will end up having YouTube Likes too. (If the people get interested and like your videos)

Does this sound spammy? No it doesn't. Nobody can ever say this is spamming or unsafe. Since actual people are watching the video, yotuube can't do anything about that. 

That's the biggest difference in real and fake YouTube views. If you are really lucky and tactful you should be able to find the reliable sources, skipping the fake views selling websites.

You can find such reliable sites from popular marketing forums like BHW. 

So what I'm telling finally is, buying YouTube views can be safe only if the source you are buying is reliable. is one such source of web site which you can rely on buying YouTube views without a fear in mind. There are several such reliable sites on internet, a deep search on Google should help you out.

My best regards for you to have a good YouTube journey and selecting the best YouTube views provider.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Best place to buy cars in Sri Lanka is

It's a long while I have been thinking to write a good post here. But being a medical student I rarely find time to catch my favorite things in internet marketing. Let's get to the topic before anything else.

Recently I started a new website called which is now rocketing with buyers who are looking for buying new and used cars; My hosting provided warned me twice saying I'm using more bandwith. What the hell! Am i suppose to tell my visitors not to come to my site?

Anyway I thought of moving to another hosting provider, I'll tell you later about that.

I'm going to give you a brief account on what my site is about. It's all about cars. We know that there are so many people who are looking to buy cars in sri lanka. My site is for those people.

It has all the facilities and features necessary for buying a car in sri lanka. Though you are willing to buy a new car or buy an old car, you can easily find lots of cars here in It's completely free of charge to put an advertisement in

Auto Lanka Cars website provides you not only the facility to put an advertisement there are so many articles about automobiles. It you are willing to buy a car or you already own one, you should definitely read

Buying a car in sri lanka can be really hard because there are so many fraud and scam sites on Internet. Through you can easily find good dealers and private sellers to buy your dream car.

Auto Lanka Cars web site has an awesome car buying guide which is worth reading. If you read auto lanka car's buying guide you will never fall in scammers' hand and lose your precious money.

Auto Lanka Cars website's facebook fan page has now over 2000 fans, all are satisfied with the auto lanka car's great service. We daily update our website with latest information on automobiles. You can visit our site and enjoy a lot reading those.

There is a huge variety in vehicles we advertise in our website; Cars, Vans, Cabs, Lorries, Buses, Caterpillars and also Motor Bikes. So if you ever think in selling your car or bike or what ever the vehicle you have, defineltely come to auto lanka cars and see calls flooding in to your mobile.

Most of the automobile web sites in sri lanka don't provide a good user friendly interface in their websites. But Auto Lanka Cars does. We have built the website using the latest technologies, so we have the ever best user friendly interface in our website. You should visit it and see! No words to describe.

And the most important thing is that you if you want to sell your car, you can also use Sinhalese language. Isn't that marvelous? Yes it is..  See how impressed people will be when they see your ads in their own languages.

Talking about the other features of the site, what comes to my mind is that you can add as much as photos about your vehicle in our site. And those will be kept there for more than 2 months.. More than enough time to sell your vehicle...! It will be very important for both car buyers and sellers, because a picture can say a lot Even more than 1000 words can describe. That's another reason why we say we always care about our visitors.

Do you know that auto lanka cars provide Facebook login facility? You should know.. Most of the other websites need people to login with an ordinary type username and password, but doesn't. Simply click the Facebook connect and boom! You are logged in!

The very beautiful vehicle control panel provide you easy access to edit, delete, or even add new advertisements.

When talking about how we advertise your vehicle, you would be happy to know that we use both electronic and non-electronic media for featuring your vehicle. Vehicles are entered into other automobile websites and local newspapers, which will attract even more visitors to your vehicle. Isn't that marvelous.

Therefore if you are looking to buy any vehicle you should definitely visit Not only to buy, if you are planning to sell the vehicle don't forget that no other websites give privileges as for selling your vehicle.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Is it okay to buy YouTube Likes from

Today I'm going to introduce you a website that you can use to rank your youtube videos. It's called . This is an ultimate site very popular among music directors, artitst, singers, musical bands and concert organizers. Why is that? This website have so many packages to provide youtube likes for your youtube videos.

Since we all know today, YouTube likes are very very important for a video to get ranked, you must definetly have few hundred likes in your videos. But getting a few hundred likes for your videos is not a simple thing but it's really a time consuming hard process. That's when comes handy.

They have real human, safe 200 youtube likes starting at $5.  The most amazing thing is that they deliver within 24 hours by showing your video to real people active on youtube. If you think 200 youtube likes are not enough, then you can prompt to buy as many as you want.

I compared this website with other youtube likes selling sites, and found out that this site has lowest rates.
Average price for 200 YouTube likes on internet was above $7, and less than $10. So you should definitely understand why I always go for

And the other most important feature and also very cool is, we can order YouTube Likes accorging to specified coutries. They call this Country targeted YouTube likes. Normally I pay extra $5 and make them deliver youtube likes from USA. Not only USA, they can provide youtube likes from any other coutry in the world. Soo good nah?

And also they give 25 Free YouTube likes for your videos as a trial, which you can test their service before buying. You can get this free service from this link.

So, what I'm telling is, if you are planning to promote your YouTube video and want to make it ranked higher, you should definitely give a try to

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Is it safe to buy YouTube Likes?

YouTube is the biggest and the most popular video sharing website in the whole planet. And also it's  free. YouTube is daily accessed by over 1 million people and over 1 billion videos are watched everyday. Therefore YouTube has become a great marketing spot for various kinds of business. From the tip of the needle to huge spaceships are advertised and marketed by the means of videos in YouTube. What's the reason? It's heavily saturated by every type of users.

There is a big competition between same niche YouTube videos to get ranked in YouTube. If you have ever uploaded a YouTube video, then you should know how hard is it. But people follow several ways to get their videos shown in first few pages of search results; i don't mean the blackhat methods but some descent ways. One method is buying YouTube Likes and Views.

YouTube pays a big attention towards the videos with lots of likes and views. When you search for a certain keyword, all most all the videos which appear on first few pages in search results have lots of YouTube views and likes.Therefore we can decide that YouTube views and likes are both very very important for a video to get ranked high in YouTube.

There are so many websites in internet which offer various packages to sell YouTube likes and YouTube views.

You might think that this is blackhat, but how? What they do is, they show your videos to lots of people and make them like it. What's the point of telling it blackhat? If it's watched by some people living in this PLANET and they were really IMPRESSED with it and CLICKED the LIKE button with their MOUSE POINTER, how can it be blackhat? Buying YouTube Likes is not blackhat.

But it could be blackhat in some other ways. If a certain website is using bots/imacros/software or any other automated tool to generate YouTube Likes or views, then it's completely blackhat. Why? Because it's against YouTube Policy regarding spam. The videos will be removed by YouTube if they find out you have used a spammy method to generate YouTube Likes.

Therefore you should be careful when you buy YouTube Likes. You should first read the complete descriptions or whatever in the websites which you are going to buy YouTube likes. If they have mentioned that they use automated methods, then don't prompt to buy YouTube likes, from such websites.

If any website which sell YouTube likes is having an online real time customer support service, then you should ask them whether the Likes are natural or automated. If they say it's natural you can buy YouTube likes without any fear. But it actually doesn't mean that they told you the truth. You can ask them proof of their previous work or any samples. It's their duty to provide those before taking your order.

You can test whether the site you are going to buy YouTube likes is reliable and trustworthy by certain third party websites such as They provide a score for the reliability of the site which you are going to buy YouTube likes or what ever the product. The following example shows a YouTube likes selling website which has a score of 100/100 for the reliability.

Whenever you are supposed to buy YouTube Likes you should go for a reliable service that you can trust any time. If they have records of any video which has been banned by YouTube, never buy from them. It's a must! is a great and trustworthy website that you can buy YouTube likes for your YouTube videos. They provide you an excellent service which you will really be amazed and will come repetitively for their service. Before buying YouTube likes from, you can claim for 25 free YouTube likes to test whether it really works. Simply go to  and type your YouTube video URL in the box and fill the other relevant fields. Finally click the "Send Request" button to get your free bundle of YouTube likes.

It will take about 2 days to get your free YouTube likes bundle because they are having tons of requests everyday asking for free youtube likes.

Since I use their service frequently I know how trustworthy is it and none of my videos have been penalized by YouTube.

If you ever wanted to buy YouTube likes, always go for a trustworthy site like otherwise buying YouTube likes will end up resulting a penalty to your YouTube video. And for the last time also I'm telling you that buying YouTube likes is not a blackhat method and it's really really safe if you choose the right safe website.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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